Monday, July 26, 2010

Broadcast Schedual

Monday Nights at 10pm Central Time.
~Friends vs. Enemies~
We discuss the true roles of friends and the border lines that are acceptable to cross at times, along with the bullshit that can and will turn any good friendship sour. Throughout the years I have had a few friends that have wanted to cross that line and excuse themselves from the circle. With me being me, instead of fighting for what I thought was real, I just let them go on their fucked up way. "It is what it is, and never what a muthafucker thinks."

Wednesday Nights at 10pm Central Time
~The People Around Us~
We discuss what are some of the stupid and fake ass things that people we know and even people we don't know do. Its not that hard to make wise decisions or to even think before you do things or let cretin shit come from your mouth. Its better to think twice and act once.

Friday Nights at 10pm Central Time
~Lil' Kim, The Queen Bitch ~
We discuss everything Hip-Hop and more pertaining to Kimberly Denise Jones (BKA) Lil' Kim (ABKA) The Queen Bitch. From her legacy and history of her career to whats going on now with her and her music. Lil' Kim has been an Icon and Idol to me since I was 9 years old and I truly look up to her. Sharing my views and opinions about Lil' Kim and hearing others views and opinions is something major that I love to do.